Artificial Intelligence Google

Artificial Intelligence Google: All you need to get started

Artificial Intelligence Google: It is for everybody Artificial Intelligence Google. There’s no need asking what we can do with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. It is becoming so useful that Google feels everyone should at least know the basics. And that leads to the introduction of free course to help machine learning practitioners. Do you even need to think […]

node version

How to upgrade to the latest version of node/npm. 100% safe!

Hi friend, welcome. This is going to be a very short article. A tip on how to upgrade the latest version of node.js or npm. Why would you want to do this? I don’t know. But whatever the reason might be, this tip is awesome. When I was trying to use a package the other […]

back-end frameworks

Awesome analysis on JavaScript back-end frameworks [2018]

This is the part 3 of the great post: ‘The State of JavaScript Frameworks‘ on npm’s website. This part is an awesome analysis of JS back-end frameworks. A few days ago, they analysed front-end frameworks using some criteria like popularity/growth and so many other considerations. From the analysis, it was found that React has the […]

React Ecosystem

Take a look at the React Ecosystem in 2018

On January 3rd, 2018, Laurie Voss, co-founder and COO, npm, Inc. released an important post of  The State of  JavaScript Frameworks. On that post, which I believe was got from a careful analysis of the JavaScript front-end frameworks, it was found that React, a front-end framework introduced in March of 2013 by Facebook,  has been adopted very rapidly. […]

javascript frameworks

How to know the JavaScript frameworks to use

On the 3rd of January 2017, Laurie Voss, co-founder and COO, npm, Inc. released the state of JavaScript frameworks.  On the post, they made it clear that It’s not their intention to suggest that everyone should always use the most popular framework. “There are many metrics to help you decide which one to use, and frameworks vary […]

github branches

GitHub: How to easily get into the beautiful new world

What is Git? Git is a free and open source version control system. It was developed by Linus Torvalds who also wrote the Linux OS. The process of keeping tracks of changes in computer system over time is known in programming as version control. Although there are many other source control software available, Git has […]

Now you can learn how to program offline

Hi, peace to you. I decided to share this little tips because I figured it might help someone just like it has helped me. You may have been looking for ways to learn the web language of your passion but the problem of having to stay connected to the internet is a barrier to you. […]

The easier way of learning how to make a website

Hi my dear friend, welcome to Growinbyte. I’m really happy to have you here. This particular article is going to look like the last one, Coolest way to learn how to program. The only difference is that we’re going to talk about making a website this time instead of computer programming. There is something you should […]

Coolest ways you should learn how to program [2018]

You’ve come to the right place   Hello! Welcome. I’m happy to have you here. You are here because you may be considering starting learning computer programming or you’ve started already and it seems you ain’t making enough progress. Whichever one it is, you should stop worrying because, by the time you finish reading this, […]

programmers mistakes

Deadly mistakes you should avoid as a programmer

Why this topic? Disclaimer: This article is based on a personal opinion and experience. If there is any form of disagreement, use the comment box and let us know about it. If you agree with me, you can also tell us too. Also, the image in this article, I got them from Pexels. If you […]


15 forums you can learn how to program from [2018]

  Hello there! Welcome to Growinbyte. I decided to write about this because I figured that tech communities help a lot. They are where you can ask questions and get answers to your possible questions You can also contribute by answering other questions. It is a great thing for anybody in the tech world to […]

Here are the reasons you should not hate JavaScript

Introduction Hello folks, welcome! I’m happy to have you here. I decided to write on this particular topic because of the way JS(JavaScript) is being treated. Many developers don’t just like the language. Even some authors, in their book(s), would tell you that JS has received a lot of criticism. Even after the emergence of […]

Typescript. What you should know about it

Overview Typescript was made by Microsoft as they turned to javascript for web programming. They made it in such a way that it is OOP but compiles to JS during runtime. This development I may say was due to the fact that JS is dynamically typed which brings confusion and introduces errors in some cases. […]

web design image

How to and why you should learn web dev/design

Overview of web development and design Web development and design are becoming so much popular these days. They are so because of how helpful they are. Technology has made almost everything to be dynamic. In this regard, technology itself is changing at a very fast rate every day. Due to the changes, most of the […]

The right way you should look at programming

Computer Programming Programming. You might be thinking that this topic is too basic. Well, maybe it is to you. I decided to write it because there is something I believe is very important I wish to share with you. Permit me to say here that those that program is actually enjoying and future programmers would […]