Yeah! You got that right. A safe haven for developers. You don’t have to keep searching for solutions everytime you got stuck on a project or something. You can have someone that loves providing solutions do the work for you. Here, you see the solution to your problem in a much more simplified format. Just stick around because together we can make it better for both of us.

As the name implies, this site is meant for anybody who is willing to improve their tech skills. I can still remember how I got my feet wet in the programming world. Someone did actually help me out. To my instinct, it is pretty wrong of me if I just sit back and enjoy the things I learnt from somebody else. So here we are, trying to help each other (I said each other? Yeah, I did. You may in some ways help me of course. After all, nobody knows everything). The point I’m killing my fingers to make here is that this site is for any solutions-seeking folk in the tech-enhanced world of ours.

About Myself

I’m a student of computer science, fitness lover and funny person. and to be honest, I’m so much in love with the tech-related stuff. Though the love of tech is on the list, it is basically not the main reason why I decided to create this simple site of mine.

I started my journey in the programming world when I was 20. Ouch! Somewhat late. But, does it really matter when one starts? Some people are lucky that they got the exposure in their early lives while some are not. Whichever is basically irrelevant here.

Like I have said, my mission is to help us (you and myself). Funny though.

Feel free to use the contents of this site for your own good and the good of the people around you. If you notice anything that you might want to let me know of, please go ahead and let me.

Thank you.