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Hello! Welcome. I’m happy to have you here. You are here because you may be considering starting learning computer programming or you’ve started already and it seems you ain’t making enough progress. Whichever one it is, you should stop worrying because, by the time you finish reading this, you wouldn’t need anybody to guide you again. We’ll go through it in such a way that we’ll both enjoy it. We are going to do it as a discussion class between friends. Let’s do this!

First, we have to ask ourselves why we want to learn computer programming

It’s quite unfortunate that I don’t know your name (My bad. I should have because we’re friends). Forgive me, dear friend. Okay, if I called you by your name and ask you why you wish to learn computer programming, what would you say?

You may have known that computer programming is full of fun, it gives you a great power of creativity and with it, you are already much equipped in terms of career. All these goodies you can get from programming can only come to you if you have the passion for it. If you don’t, [hehehe], dear friend, I advise you to find another thing and do. Programming without the passion is as boring as – hell.

Oh, friend, I think we’ve talked much about ‘why’, now let’s get to the main point.

Make sure you have the passion for programming

I asked a friend of mine why he wants to learn computer programming and, can you guess what he told me? He told me that most of the richest folks in the world deal with computer related stuff. He named for me Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Though all these folks have actually made something out of computer related stuff, that doesn’t mean you should go into it because they are making it. Please, friend, don’t think I’m discouraging you. You know yourself and you know what you like doing. Don’t look at those big folks listed above. They made it because they have great entrepreneurship skills. It’s all about talent. Do what you know how to do. I hope you agree with me, dear friend.

Choose the programming language you want to learn

My dear friend, now can you see how important it is to know what your passion is? It is from knowing your passion that you can correctly choose the programming language suitable for it. This is one of the reasons you see many people jumping from one programming language to another. I wrote an article a few days back about the mistakes a programmer should avoid. Maybe you should check it out later.

It’s not that usually straightforward to choose a language, but now that you’ve known what your passion is, choosing a language is nothing, basically speaking.
You may be going into computer software development, web development, app development, Android/mobile development etc. All these fields have programming languages suitable for them. Though you shouldn’t be limited to one particular language, the point I’m trying to make here is that choosing wrongly your first language may be dangerous. You may totally lose the interest in programming if you wrongly choose your first programming language.

I could remember back then in school when they used Java as an introductory course in computer programming. To be honest with you, I lost interest in Java. But fortunately for me, I picked another language. Am ain’t saying that Java isn’t good. What I meant is that it is not suitable for my passion.

If you’re going into web development, I have an article where I talked about the language/technologies you need to learn. But if you’re going into other things like app development(native or hybrid), game development and some other fields of computer programming, I haven’t written something about them. In this case, you should be considering languages like Java, C, C#, C++, Python etc.


Ways to learning the programming language you chose

There are many ways you can learn a language. But whatever you do, make sure that you practise what you’ve learnt. The 3Ps I always use is [PASSION, PERSEVERANCE AND PRACTICE]. Maybe you should use them too. Now friend, let us look at the ways you can learn these languages.

You can learn from programming communities/forums

Fortunately for us, there is an article on the Computer programming communities/forums. In the article, I listed 15 active forums a programmer would enjoy being part of.

Use online tutorials

By online tutorials, I mean both videos, blog posts, programming websites like:
W3Schools, Codecademy, Khan Academy and some others. Almost everything you’re looking for, you can find on YouTube. You can also get PDFs online and use it to your own benefit.

Other ways you can learn

It is always a good thing to have a good programming book by your side. You can also learn from schools both physical/actual school and online schools. Even though many would say that going to college isn’t helpful enough. Employees usually look at skills instead of a certificate. But it is always a good thing to point to some kind of certificate.

Reading PDFs, books, and watching tutorials are not enough. you need to actually write some code based on what you’ve learnt. This is where the mental power plays it role. Don’t just copy codes, find and use your own logic and develop new things. By doing this, you would see the joy that comes from the fact that you can manipulate characters, punctuation marks and some special characters – and vooallah, a new thing has been created! Is it awesome?
Just keep practising. Learn in large. Grow in bytes. Enjoy doing what you like.
Don’t just stick with one technology, try learning new languages. There are always changes in technology. Always keep up with the changes.

My friend, I believe our discussion went smoothly. If there’s anything you want to add, maybe something you don’t understand, just use the comment box and let us know.

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As always, thank you for being a good friend.

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