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Hello folks, welcome! I’m happy to have you here. I decided to write on this particular topic because of the way JS(JavaScript) is being treated. Many developers don’t just like the language. Even some authors, in their book(s), would tell you that JS has received a lot of criticism. Even after the emergence of ES6, a lot of developers still hate JavaScript.

JS is a high-level prototype-based language. It is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production. It is used to make web pages interactive and provide online programs, including video games. Read More

Why You probably hate JS

Many would tell you it’s because the language was designed in just 10 days. That’s not enough reason to hate the language though.
Some say it’s because of the compatibility issues. The use of transpilers like Babel to compile ES6 to plain JS for older browsers or browsers that haven’t been updated.
Others say their problem with Javascript is that the community moves so fast. Every day, a new tool on npm, a new framework, a new way of doing things/new versions.
When it comes to the area of clarity, you will still see a lot of complaints. Javascript is getting a lot of criticism because a lot of people don’t just understand the language clearly.

People naturally hate what they don’t understand. I know how long it took me to understand the difference between __proto__ and prototype. Also, a lot of things in javascript are just somewhat confusing. Things like: Closures, Promises, Currying, Web Workers, IIFE, Type Converting etc. Why won’t they? Those are what make it a coding language. You don’t expect programming languages to be in a plain English. So far, I haven’t seen a language that everybody likes.  You may wish to check on the right way to look at computer programming.

You just need to get the basic and you will find out that it’s basically nothing. When you have the passion, it’s fun to program, to create things that have not existed before. It’s really awesome!

Enough of side talks. The aim of this article is to show reasons you shouldn’t hate on JS.
Let’s get to it!

Programmers are often in love with one particular language. It usually makes them lose a lot on some other technologies. As a programmer/developer, you might have your favourite language, but here are some cool reasons why you should consider JS.

 JavaScript is a good for beginners

This comes from the fact that javascript is a forgiving language. It is dynamically typed, unlike TypeScript. Some will always say that this type of languages are not good for beginners because it doesn’t force them to learn the proper syntax. Well, that is somewhat true. But beginners need to start with something lighter. This will make them appreciate programming in general. So, if you’re a beginner, I suggest that you kick your skill acquisition off with JS. I believe it’s important to learn the logic building first before the syntax.

 Front End Development

Writing just a static HTML/CSS websites is boring. But with the use of JS, you can add some functionality/interactivity to your site. You can use libraries, frameworks or just plain JS to do this.
The sliding images you see on a professional website are mostly products of Javascript. It’s not only image sliders. There is other interactivity you can add to a website using JS.
Note, if you don’t understand what front end or back end development means, you may check on this.

Immediate Product

There’s this cool feeling you will get when you write some code and immediately see the results of that code. This is usually the case with Javascript. Because JS is a web language, you instantly see the product of your code through your browser. Isn’t this cool.
In other class-based languages like java, you need to go through compilation to get your .class file and all that. With JS, Your browser is also your interpreter. You don’t need to compile anything, unless in the case of transpiling, which is done as you write your code.

Back End Development

Most people don’t know that JS can be used on the back end.
With the V8 Chrome engine that is placed on servers like Node.js and tons of other things, Javascript can do a lot more than it was designed for. Imagine a scripting language designed for adding interactivity to websites is now used as a server-side language. Not only this you can do a great lot of things with JS. Anything you see that has the extension of .js is pretty much the product of Javascript. Again, Javascript has got for itself a very big community. As a matter of fact, questions concerning JS are the most asked questions on  StackOverflow – one of the most popular programming forums. Isn’t this a great achievement for a language that was designed for just 10days?

 Mobile app development

Javascript will help you quite a lot in getting started with mobile app development. With JS, You can create amazing mobile apps. You can export your finished product and an Android app, iOS app or maybe windows app as well.

Other things You can do with JS

There are great more cool things you can do with JavaScript like Program a drone, control 3D games without your keyboard, Streaming flash on your Apple devices, Online communications, Arduino commands and a lot more. You can read them here

Because I don’t like reading long articles, I don’t want to make this one long. I believe those 5 reasons are enough to convince you.
Don’t just hate on Javascript. The language is really cool.

Thanks for reading.

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