How To Learn Javascript: You Need To Think Like A Computer

How To Learn Javascript: You Need To Think Like A Computer

How to learn JavaScript

Learning computer programs is not so easy. That’s why I come up with this awesome article to help shape the way you learn.

You have to stick around until the end because there will be a fun quiz for you.

I don’t want to waste your time here telling stories. We have to hit the road at once and keep going

As you have already seen in the title, If you are learning how to code, you need to know how the computer things.

It doesn’t make much sense thinking like humans why we’re trying to communicate with machines

Knowing how the computer thinks is hard, to be honest with you. It means that you have to know how the program interpreter/compiler works.

Who teaches that? Have you ever taken a course like that?

As you can see. Not many people are interested in how the interpreter or the compilers work. I’m not implying that you should go and learn about compilers and interpreters.

No! There is a way you can know this. Are you excited to know about this yet?

Okay, let’s talk about it.

You need to learn the basics

Of course. The basics. You have to know the programming fundamentals. There are some websites that are pretty good at this.

Websites like Freecodecamp, Pluralsight, CodCademy and w3Schools can help you with the fundamentals.

Choose any one them that suits your process of learning.

The programming basics seem pretty boring at first. To me though, I don’t know of you.

I use to ask myself: What on earth am I going to use these “things” for. The “things” there is referring to loops, arrays, conditional statements, objects etc.

When I started, I was eager to build awesome stuff. But unfortunately for me, those “things” gave me what I assume to be an ugly welcome.

I may say in this case that this is one of the reasons why some people [like me] easily pick up a framework/library even without knowing the basics of the language they are learning.

If you search on google: “How to learn JavaScript”, You will see that many fellows are seriously looking for ways to learn JavaScript easily.

What I’m telling you here might not seem like what you expected. But it is just the fact. The basics first!

Now, let’s test ourselves with this funny question. This question is got from somewhere else. I suggest that you check the site later. The site covers the “things” that we’ve already talked about.

Don’t think that I’m promoting anything. The site is just cool. You should really check it out. Afterall, it’s free. All thanks to Gordon Zhu.

Here is the question:

How to learn JavaScript

I suggest that you use pen and paper to write down your answers if you feel like answering it though. I’m going to share the answer in the comment below.

Move from the basics to advanced

Alright. Let’s keep going. We’ve talked about learning the basics. Which is very important.

When you’re done with the basics, It’s now time to build simple and amazing stuff. As it is said, one of the best ways to learn is by practising. Put in a lot of practice.

At this stage, you must have known how to access any element of the DOM. With HTML, CSS and the “things” you learned from JS, You’ll be able to do things.

Things that motivate you to always want to do more. That’s how it’s usually is. One small step leads to the bigger ones.

I don’t suggest that you pick any framework/library at this stage. Since there’re a lot of tools, you can easily get overwhelmed.

Oh! Don’t get confused like me. Don’t get overwhelmed by every day changing tools. At least not yet.

And again, let me address this here. People that are really creative keep on jumping from one tool to another.
They don’t get to know the tools very well before jumping into another one.

Are you like these people? Does it mean that you are creative? Of course, you are. There is no way you will come into this field if you’re not creative enough

This is just a personal opinion. It happens to me. Some time ago, I even wanted to go into game development.

The point I’m killing my fingers to make here is that you should know what you want to do. What interests you. And then, go for the tools that can help you do that.

Enough of that talk. Now let’s take another quiz. Remember to write your answers down somewhere and check the answers in the comment.

How to learn JavaScript

HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS can do the job for you

Yeah. They can do the job for you. The only problem is that they may not be as efficient and fast as frameworks and libraries.

One good thing about getting a good grasp of JS is that it will make it easy for you to learn other frameworks and Libraries.

How to learn JavaScript. Has this article started to answer the question the way you expected it?

Okay, let us take a faster route. Now that you’ve known Basic JS, use the little knowledge to build a simple application – your personal project.

I have to point it out here that you have to choose your personal project based on what you love doing.

Otherwise, you may feel bored and abandon the project or even the language you’re learning. I hope you’re not going to do this.

Again, choose projects that are useful. By doing this, your friends or clients will be another source of motivation to you.

Keep on adding new features to your application. Let the baby app evolve into might awesome application.

Any new things you learn, add them to the simple application that you’ve built.

You can even add some functionalities that you don’t know by following the algorithm of the app you want to create.

You can always ask questions on Google, online communities or even find answers from blog posts.

Reading documentation also helps a lot.

You can also join Facebook groups.

Now that you’ve immersed yourself with online communities and can easily ask or answer questions, the next thing is to get an internship or start freelancing.

Working on your own may not give you the wide eyes to look at problems. So, work on something bigger than your personal project. You get paid for your work. Isn’t this a nice thing?


That’s it, guys. I hope that you learned something new from this.

I’m so glad if you do.

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Oh! Before I forget, do you remember when I said that we should learn how computers thing? Yes. You can learn how the interpreters/compilers work on our code.

One of the easy ways of learning how the computer thinks is by reading professional books on the program that we’re working with.

Knowing algorithm is very important as a programmer.

Here are few good books that can help you a lot:

One good thing you can do as a programmer is to keep a good programming book by your side. Those books above are good.

Now you can check the answers to those questions above.

Feel free to share your own answers. I’ll share mine too.

Don’t be surprised at what I got [smiles]…

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  1. The answer to the first question:
    The color property of myHouse variable never changed.

    It is the color property of the color variable that is changed to red.
    So, myHouse.color is “blue”.

    Did you get this?
    You’re awesome!
    I failed it…

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    myHouse1 and myHouse2 are sharing the same address.

    Then we changed the color property to red.
    Both myHouse1 and myHouse2 now have the same color.

    Did you get this one too?

    Wow! Bravo!
    I failed it again…

    Just so Sad r’now…

  3. Share your own answers.
    It’s fun. Isn’t it?

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