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Hi my dear friend, welcome to Growinbyte. I’m really happy to have you here. This particular article is going to look¬†like the last one, Coolest way to learn how to program. The only difference is that we’re going to talk about making a website this time instead of computer programming. There is something you should know. Learning how to make a website is a great way of getting your feet wet in computer programming since computer programming applies the same logic to the writing of computer code. When we are developing a website, we are actually writing a computer code – but only to the browser.

You’re about to learn a great thing that will definitely help you. Almost everybody wishes to learn how to make a website but many of them usually get intimidated by the code involved in it. Simple website development only needs your understanding of the basic building blocks like tags, attributes, values etc.

Do it yourself

If you asked me as a friend, I’m not going to tell you to jump into the use of CMS(Content Management System), like WordPress, October, Joomla¬†and the rest of them. I would not also advise you to go into the use of libraries and frameworks. No. Not yet.
A friendly advice I will give you is to start from the beginning. Let’s assume we (You and myself) don’t know anything about the basic building blocks of websites, do you think that trying to create a WordPress website is going to be easier for us? In order to create a WordPress website, you must know the basics of PHP. You see? It is not advisable to go for CMS or libraries, as a beginner. Know the basics first. Even if you manage to get a site designed for you by someone else, you still need the basic knowledge in order to manage your site efficiently.

So, my dear friend, start from HTML and CSS. They are the main rocks of whatever complex website you can think of. They’ve got no replacement yet. Start with them, and then you can proceed to other advanced languages like JavaScript, Java, C++ etc.

The big question: How can I start learning all these things

Remeber the title of this article: The easier way of learning how to make a website. There are many ways of learning web development. You can learn it from school, from a friend, you can learn by reading a book, you can as well learn it online – so many ways. I decided to share with you what I think is easier. Because not everybody goes to school, has a friend that knows about website development, has books to read, can stay online 24hrs. What is this easier way you’re referring? Good question, if it actually comes from you.

W3Schools website

The use of offline version of W3Schools

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to promote them or something. Even though you may know other websites that are better than W3Schools, it doesn’t overshadow the fact that their tutorials are helpful. And the fact that you can learn while offline is also an awesome thing about it. I’m recommending W3schools because I used it. They follow the specifications of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

The fact also that they don’t only cover HTML and CSS are impressive too. They’ve got so many varieties of web development languages. Only for beginners though. We’re all beginners here after all. In the picture above you can see what you can learn from W3Schools. You may wish to work while online. The choice is all yours. The summary of the whole thing is that W3Schools is a great place to get your feet wet in terms of website development and programming in general. So, give it a try.
Where can I get this offline version you’re talking about?

You can easily get the offline version of W3Schools

If you’re reading this, it means you have internet access. So, the simple thing you need do is go to YouTube, search for ‘W3schools offline version’, you would see few videos. Watch the most recent among them and follow the steps. It won’t take you much time to download the zip file. When you have downloaded the zip file, extract it, and beeerm! Your offline version is ready to use. Simply locate the default.html or the index.html, and open it. You see? Now you can learn from anywhere. You don’t need to worry about low internet speed or no internet access at all. Is this not a great way of improving your skills while others are busy waiting for an unresponsive page to respond? That’s it, dear friend. Go ahead and enjoy yourself.

If there’s anything that confuses you, or maybe you couldn’t download the zip file – anything at all, let us know about it in the comment box. Others might learn from it.

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