What is JavaScript? It’s an awesome language…

What is JavaScript? It’s an awesome language…

Yeah! JavaScript. That’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Before we go on, I have to admit that I’m so happy to have you here.

With no much waste of time, let’s jump right into it. You must have been hearing about JavaScript, but you don’t know What it is or what it is used for.

You know what? You’re in the right place. We’re going to walk through it together. To-ge-ther!

Alright. What you’re about to read here will open your eyes. You might even fall in love with the language.

I’m gonna show you what the language is and what it is used for.

To be honest with you, the community is really hot. When I say community I mean the JavaScript community.

It is growing so fast. And this can make beginners get overwhelmed easily and even hate the language.

I’m sure that if you decide to go for the language, You’re not going to get overwhelmed or hate the language itself.

No! You’re not going to do that. Or are you?

Now, Let’s know what JavaScript is really is.

What JavaScript is really is

JavaScript is an awesome programming language that is used to add interactivity to web pages. This is a very basic definition of JS.

JavaScript can do a lot more than that. When it was introduced, its only job was to add awesome interactivity to websites. Like image sliders, the alert box, form validations etc.

But now, JS is one of the most talked about programming languages. It can be used to do many things.

If you have ever asked a professional programmer what programming language to learn first. Their answer would be:
Learn Python or JavaScript.

This is because they are very easy to get started with. I’m not saying that other languages are as hard as hell.

You just need to figure out what you want to do and choose the appropriate language for it.

As we proceed, I gonna show you what javascript is used for. Just stick around and see how awesome the language is really is

Brief History of JS

You might skip this brief history if you don’t need it. But it is very Important though.

  • JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, interpreted programming language. It is a language which is also characterized as dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based and multi-paradigm.
  • Developer: Netscape Communications Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, Ecma International
  • First appeared: December 4, 1995; 22 years ago
  • Stable release: ECMAScript 2017 / June 2017; 9 months ago
  • Typing discipline: Dynamic
  • Designed by: Brendan Eich

Again, we’re going to go through the key points one after the other. Let’s do this!

JavaScript is a High-Level Language (HLL). In computer science, there are three types of programming languages.

We have the very first and the hardest one – Machine language programming. This is when you write your code to the machine using Zeros and Ones.

We have the Assembly Language programming: In this case, You use mnemonics to represent groups of the Zeros and Ones.

Imagine yourself writing code in those Languages. It would be fun though [winks].

And finally, we have the HLL. This is where JavaScript and most languages of today belong.

What does it mean to say that JavaScript is an interpreted language?
When it comes to the world of language translators, codes can be assembled, compiled or interpreted.
Let’s not go deep into those. It is enough to know for now that Javascript is run by the browser. That is, JS is interpreted by the browser.

What does it mean to say that JavaScript is weakly typed?

In other programming languages like Java, You must declare your variables.
Eg in Java: int num = 80;
Eg in JavaScript: var num = 80;
As you can see, those two are not the same. In Java, you use int to represent whole numbers but in JS, you can use the keyword var to represent almost everything. Like strings, objects, booleans etc.

What does it mean to say that JS is prototype based?

I hope these brief explanations are not too much yet.

A prototype-based programming language is a style of object-oriented programming(OOP) that uses functions as constructors for classes.
I know this is getting too much. But you don’t need to worry. This is basically saying that in JavaScript, we have function constructors as classes.

Though JS has the class keyword, it is not as efficient as classes of other languages. You know what? Forget about this. Next time we will go deeper into it with examples.

Other points are self-explanatory. Oh! multi-paradigm: JS is object-oriented. Everything is JS is treated as an object. The inheritance is prototype-based. JS is also functional, supporting first-class functions. Functions are objects.They can be passed around.

How JavaScript works

When you visit a website, You’ll be seeing the content of the website as though they are sitting right on your device.

They are not. The contents just got downloaded by your browser. Thanks to the internet. The contents that are being downloaded from the websites’ servers include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some other things. The Javascript will be interpreted by your browser. That is one of the functions of your browser – to interpret JS code.

It is worth knowing that most web applications run on JS. Example: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.

What you can do with JavaScript

You already know how important JS is to the websites and web applications. What about other areas that JavaScript can be used? Let’s talk about them.

You can use JS to make mobile applications. The apps made with JS are called Hybrid apps. One of the most talked about languages for this job is React Native.

Again in the case of websites, we can use JS on both front-end (UIs) and back-end.

JavaSript is used for databases. In this case, MongoDB is used. It is also built using JavaScript.

This means that we can build an entire website using only JavaScript. Aren’t you excited yet?

It’s not only on websites and web applicants that JS can be used.
Do you know that we can use JavaScript to make games? Yeah! Games.
We also use JS in robots.

We’ve managed to cover:
What JS is really is,
A brief history of JS
How JS works
What you can do with js

I hope that these excite you to take extra actions on JS. There’re a lot more we can do with JavaScript.
So, you might wish to get started with the language. It is worth it. Learning the basics is the first step. Somethings like loops, functions, variables, arrays etc. These things are pretty easy to learn.

Finally, I have to thank you for making it to this stage. We made it together.

If you’re looking forward to getting started with Javascript, check out this book

If there’s anything that’s not clear to you, just ask it in the comment box below.

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